Candidate Terms

Last updated: 21 June 2019 is a trading name of BIOTS Limited, the registered office of which is located at Broad House, The Broadway, Old Hatfield, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom, AL9 5BG.  BIOTS Limited is a company incorporated in England and Wales under company registration number 11310880.

Throughout these Candidate Terms (which we’ll refer to as the “Terms”) we will refer to ourselves as “we”, “us”, “our” and “ours”) and to you, the “Candidate” who seeks our services in searching for a new position, as “you” and “your”.

The “Client” is either a customer of ours, including any third party with whom we have a relationship of any kind, or a potential customer, who may employ you or be interested in employing or contracting you to provide services to it.


We are a recruitment platform whose services include identifying work opportunities for people registered on our Candidate database and presenting those Candidates to our Clients. This may be by supplying your CV to a Client or by arranging an interview) (the “Introduction”), with a view to direct “engagement” with a Client.

We understand that you are or will be looking for a new position and, by providing us with your personal information, you are asking us to locate work for you and you agree to be registered on our database of Candidates.

On that basis, we will commence our services and assist you to find a position on the basis set out in these Terms as soon as you complete the process of setting up your account on our platform by giving us all the core information about you that we need and check the box indicating your acceptance of these terms before submitting your “application”.

Signing up to use the platform

Upon collecting your personal information for our database, we will examine your submission to make sure that we consider you to be appropriate for inclusion on our platform.  If you are signing up via email, we will send you a verification link. If you are signing up via an external platform (such as Google), we will verify your account with that platform (subject to our Privacy Notice).  We will let you know the outcome via email or such other contact means as you may have provided from time to time.

We do not accept all applications to join our platform.  Sometimes we receive applications from individuals that we feel we will not be able to help for one reason or another or who we consider to be unsuitable.  We will make this decision ethically and reasonably but we may decide entirely at our discretion not to allow you to join the platform and will not enter into any correspondence with you on the subject.  In submitting your application, you accept that this is entirely our right.

Until we accept your application, no contract exists between us and if we resolve not to accept your application, no contract will come about between us.  The moment you validate your email address and in doing so, complete the application process, a contract will come into existence between us based on these Terms and no others.

Setting up your profile

Once you have submitted your application, you can set up your profile.  Your profile will contain information about you that is private and only shared with us, though your first name and a brief description will be made available to our Clients who are looking to recruit once your account has been approved.  This information we will only use for the purposes set out on the site and in our Privacy Notice.  Once you have completed your profile (or you make any changes to an existing profile), your profile will be taken offline briefly until we have reviewed the amendments.  If we are satisfied with your profile or amendments, your profile will go live on the platform.

Your profile will contain information that you are content to make available to our clients, who will be browsing the platform, searching for suitable candidates to interview for positions they have open.  Finally, there will be information you provide that the platform will only reveal to our clients should they decide that they wish to make an “approach” to you, which you may decline if you wish but which, if you accept, will likely lead to an interview of some description.  Please make sure you keep a copy of all this information. Ours is not a data storage platform and we do not promise that the details of your profile or other information you provide will be stored without corruption on a permanent basis.

You confirm that all the information that you provide is accurate and current and that should any of that information get out of date, you will bring it back up-to-date as soon as you reasonably can.  You promise that in providing us with information about yourself for use in your profile, you will not seek to make use of any material that infringes the rights of any third party or which contains hate speech or which is offensive, obscene, abusive, libellous, false, deliberately misleading or otherwise illegal (all of which we will describe as “unlawful content”).

If we ask, you will provide us with evidence of your right to work in the countries in which you have indicated you can work and of your qualifications.  This may, for example, include providing a certified copy of your passport or work permit or copies of certificates evidencing your qualifications. We may also ask you for health certificates or details of criminal records or similar documents should we consider at our discretion that they are salient to your ability to work lawfully or appropriately for our clients.

Should you fail to keep your profile information current or provide inaccurate information or post or attempt to post any form of unlawful content to your profile or should you fail to provide documentation that we request relating to your right or ability to work lawfully or appropriately, we may, at our discretion, suspend your profile or, should we consider your failure to be sufficiently serious, even terminate our contract with you and block you from joining the platform in the future.

You agree that we can use any and all information that you post to your profile to audit whether approaches made by our clients have resulted in successful engagements.  You agree also that you will inform us if a client makes direct contact with you within one calendar year of making an approach through the platform.

Liability and other points

You accept that just because you complete a profile, you will not necessarily find employment or customers for your services via our platform.  Our algorithm is very effective in matching candidates with our clients but whether we have a role for you or not at any given time is not within our power.  Also, just because a client makes an approach, you are not guaranteed to receive an interview invitation much less a job offer. Please do not make any assumptions until you have received an actual offer letter from a prospective employer or customer.

You also accept that we do not vet our clients and therefore it is up to you to make sure that you are comfortable in accepting an approach from any prospective employer or customer via our platform.  We encourage you to participate in initial interviews via the platform or by telephone or other communications service. If you do decide to meet a prospective employer or customer in person, we suggest you take common sense precautions such as ensuring they are who they say they are, that somebody knows where you are and, if practical, that you are to meet in a public place.

Also, you acknowledge that even though we approve your profile (or amendments), we can later suspend or delete that profile for breach of the terms above.  You also accept that we may suspend or terminate your profile and your account on the platform should you breach any of these terms. We may even block you from rejoining.

We do not require you to search for engagements only through our platform but when you manage to find a permanent position, please de-activate your profile so as not to waste anybody’s time.

We shall not be liable for any loss or damages howsoever arising if any engagement you find via our platform is not suitable, save to the extent strictly required by law.  You accept that our role is limited to providing the technological infrastructure that connects candidates, be they seeking permanent or freelance positions, with prospective employers and customers.  Our liability is limited to taking reasonable steps to ensure that our platform is available to candidates and clients alike, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year or as close to that as we can reasonably manage.  However, we do not warrant that your use of the platform will be uninterrupted or error free or that it will necessarily be available for use whenever you or our clients seek to make use of it.

In the event that we are liable to you for breach of these terms or our negligence, you accept that our liability is limited to the losses you suffer that directly arise from the breach in question and that we will not, under any circumstances, ever be liable to you for loss of opportunities, lost income, wasted time or lost data or other indirect or consequential losses.  Such liability as we may have to you arising from our negligence or breach of contract shall be limited to the sum of £100,000. Nothing in these terms should be interpreted so as to limit or exclude our liability in the event of fraud or for personal injury or death arising from our negligence.

You agree to indemnify us on demand and hold us harmless in the event that we suffer any liability to a third party arising from your conduct or your use or deployment of unlawful content on our platform.

The legal bit

No provision in these terms is intended to, nor shall it, affect or prejudice any right you may have under any law relating to discrimination and all the provisions of these Terms and Conditions are reasonable.

You acknowledge that the information given in your application may be used for registration purposes and in the provision of our services to you and to our clients.

You agree that we may use information from your profile on an anonymized basis in the promotion of our services and platform.  You hereby grant us a licence to use all intellectual property rights in content you provide to us whether in your profile or elsewhere for the purposes set out in these terms.  You confirm that you are entitled to grant that licence to us either because you are the author and owner of those rights or you have been granted permission by the owner of the rights in content to use that content for the purposes intended and to grant us permission to make use of that content in delivering the services and for such other purposes as are provided for under these terms.

The contract between you and us based on these terms and your completion of the application process will continue until terminated by you by cancelling your registration on the platform or by us by email to the address you provide to us or by notification to your account on the platform.

These terms constitute the entire agreement between you and us.  They supersede any previous agreement relating to our services, and you should not rely upon any representation made by us that is not set out in these terms.

We may vary these terms from time to time by notifying you of our intention to do so, and in doing so, we shall provide you with a copy of the revised terms and inform you of the date upon which those revised terms come into effect.  Should you wish to continue using the platform and benefitting from our services after that date, you will do so based on the new, revised terms and so you are aware of that, when logging in for the first time on or after the date in question, a pop-up box will remind you of this and ask that you accept the new terms in order to continue using the platform.  Until you accept the new terms, you will not be able to make further use of the platform and your account may be suspended on the assumption that you do not consider the revised terms acceptable.

You accept and agree with these terms and you acknowledge that you have fully read and understood them.

These terms and the contract between us that arises between you and us on your completion of the application process are governed by the laws of England and Wales and the English Courts shall have sole jurisdiction in respect of any dispute arising out of that contract or your use of our platform generally.